The Curation and Management of Digital Assets (CMDA) Certificate is a post-master’s program that focuses on instruction about and research into the creation, management, and use; the long-term preservation; and the current and future access to digital assets in a variety of disciplines and sectors of the economy. It is a four-course, fully online certificate designed for working professionals who need training in next-generation cloud computing technologies, tools, and resources to help them evaluate, select, and implement digital curation solutions. Funding for the first cohort of certificate students comes from an IMLS Laura Bush 21st Century grant.


INST 640: Principles of Digital Curation

Principles for the design and implementation of long-term curation of digital data and information assets, including born-digital and digitized assets. Frameworks for analysis of technical, practical, economic, legal, social, and political factors affecting digital curation decisions. Case studies of specific digital curation scenarios.

INST 641: Policy Issues in Digital Curation

Discussion of strategies to address intellectual property, privacy, security and other policy concerns raised by the curation of digital records and data.

INST 742: Implementing Digital Curation

Management of and technology for application of digital curation principles in specific settings. Characteristics, representation, conversion, and preservation of digital objects. Application of standards for digitization, description, and preservation. Planning for sustainability, risk mitigation and disaster recovery.

INST 744: Solving Problems in Digital Curation

Provides students with an opportunity, through a supervised project, to understand the application of digital curation principles and techniques, first-hand in an institutional program setting. The project must address one or more aspects of digital curation: design and implementation for long-term digital curation of a discrete collection; application of technologies and standards for digitization, description, and preservation of digital assets; or implementation of strategies to provide access to a digital collection.

Schedule of Classes

INST 640 – May 31 – August 19, 2016
INST 641 – Aug 28 – November 20, 2016
INST 742 – November 28, 2016 – February 14, 2017
INST 744 – March 5 – May 28, 2017