Sample Syllabi & Projects

Below are sample course syllabi for the CMDA Certificate courses. While this page attempts to present the most recent syllabi for each course, professors may have changed syllabi since their posting to this webpage. These should only be utilized as guides.

Sample capstone projects from the first cohort (2015/2016):

  1. 21st Century Online Exhibits: Recommendations for the NIST Virtual Museum
  2. Providing Access to Vice Presidential Digital Photographs
  3. Strategies for Managing and Visualizing Data Across Multiple Institutions
    • Topics: Metadata crosswalk, visualization
    • Files:
  4. Improving Digital Preservation for the CHF’s Oral History Collection
  5. File Appraisal Toolset (FAT): Summary, Analysis, Visualization
  6. Other Projects:
    • (1) Approaches to public access to digital science data, (2) Creating a digitization program

Sample capstone projects from the 2nd cohort (2016/2017):

  1. Creating a General Procedure for Electronic Record Transfers
    • Topics: Maryland State Archives, e-transfers
    • Files:
  2. Assessing Digital Curation and Preservation Readiness
    • Topics:  Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model
    • Files:
  3. Visualizing MARC Data in a Graph Database: American Show Tunes 1940-1945
    • Topics:  Graph database, MARC, Neo4j, NoSQL
    • Files:
  4. Assessing the Usability of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Archival Description
    • Topics:  OCR, Gate/Annie, OpenRefine, StanfordNLP, Python Regular Expressions
    • Files:
  5. Keeping Electronic Records: A Long-Term Strategy for the National Institutes of Health
    • Topics:  Policy, System planning, Access procedures
    • Files:
  6. Adding Structured Data to the NLM Digital Repository to Enhance Search Results
    • Topics: ontology, JSON-LD linked data, XSLT, MARCXML
    • Files:

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